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Tuesday, 17 July 2012



This was amazing to read. Thank you for sharing


Loved reading this post. I know we touched on it a little that one day at Paradise, but I definitely had similar feelings. I am always surprised that people don't talk about it more because I think it's more common than those who are affected think. It really helps to share though. You're so great and I would love to get together sometime. Think about it....

Erin Brady


I'm so glad that you wrote this. You really do have a way with words. I'm going to show this to my little sister who just had a baby. It's so beautiful, and ends on such a strong note. I'm glad I read it for me, too. Audrey is six months old, and I'm very familiar with everyone of those emotions you just talked about. Thanks.

Allie Barnes

Alicia, you are incredible and brave. This post of yours will surely do so much good- I just know it. I'm so glad we're friends!

Alicia F.

Thank you everyone for your comments and love! I really appreciate it!

Alicia F.

Thank you Laura. That is a really sweet thing to say and means a lot to me!

Laura Reese

Alcia, You are a terrific writer. What a gift to share your feelings and experiences about motherhood. You, from a young age, have had so many talents and a light that always impressed me. I am so glad to know you!


Thanks Alicia, I appreciate your willingness to share - and share so beautifully!

Kathy Gallagher

You are such a wonderful person Alicia......I have suffered with depression my whole life and I know all those feelings all too well....sorry you had to go through it but grateful that you are so willing to share because people really don't understand who have never experienced it and you descibed it so well. So glad you are back to where you want to be!


Thank you for writing this. I love how honest and truthful you are with your feelings. So often I don't know why I fell the way I do and would struggle with putting them into words. You are such a great Mom, wife and daughter. I love you!


I love how you can describe things. I am sorry that you struggled with this. I hope that as you were going through it, I wasn't one of those people who added to your depression. I love you Alicia, and I am grateful for your example and for your strength.

Brooke Watson

Beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing.

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